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Refresh Your Space Today!


Who We Are and What We Do...

Refreshed Vegas is a small, local, family-owned business specializing in home organization and sanitation services. We value what it means to have a safe and organized home free from clutter AND bacteria! Allow us to help you Refresh your home today! 
Refreshed Vegas' most sought-after service is our home organization! Are you wanting to get more organized but do not know where to begin? We have you covered! Sign up today for a consultation and get started right away!
Utilizing a power wash method,
Refreshed Vegas 
sanitizes home items such as:
- trash cans* 
- children's toys*
- outside play equipment
- outdoor grills 
and more

* denotes highly recommended by the Refreshed team as these items tend to carry high concentrations of harmful bacteria.


Why Sanitize and Organize?


Did you know?

Harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E. Coli can live in your trash cans! YUCK! Getting regular sanitation maintenance can keep the bacteria out of your home, keeping your pets and family safe. 


Why choose Refreshed?

Refreshed is a locally owned small business that prioritizes providing the best service. We care about your spaces like we care about our own.

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Benefits of being organized.

Being organized helps with mental and physical health. Research shows that organization lowers stress and improves mental clarity. 

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